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  • Individuals may each contribute up to $600.00.
  • PACs and unincorporated entities, such as LLCs, LPAs, LLPs, partnerships and sole proprietorships, may each contribute up to $3,800.

State law requires all persons who make a contribution of more than $100 to provide the name of their employer and, if self-employed, the name of their business and their occupation. If not employed, please so state. State law also requires all contributions from unincorporated businesses to provide the name of one or more owners of the business to whom the contribution is to be attributed. Contributions from corporations are prohibited. Contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. Contributions from employees of the Court are prohibited.

Contributions from vendors doing or that have done business with the Court in the current and/or previous six calendar years and were paid more than $250 in total, may not make a contribution.

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